Who we are

Cedro Royal is a world-class consultancy firm, providing premium, proven, and bespoke solutions in Agriculture, Trade and Investment Facilitation, Human Resources, Clean Energy (Climate, Renewable & Energy Efficiency); Training and Management Consulting to government, multinationals, and development organizations across the globe


Cedro Royal Multiventures Limited was registered as Cedro Royal Multiventures with BN 2460771 in 2016; with successful track records, the company metamorphosed to become a limited liability firm with RC 1843273 on 21st September 2021. We provide a wide variety of project management solutions and management consultancy services.

Our consultancy service is organized to suit client needs. Organizations select our services to supplement their existing capacity & resources while others sub-contract and utilize our services for efficient and timely delivered solutions.

Our team focus on helping our clients navigate the ever-changing economic and market conditions by providing high-quality advice and services.


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Mission Statement:  To improved livelihoods among of humans, promote economic prosperity of nations, and make the earth a safe place to live for all.
Vision Statement:  To be a top player in global market and consulting