Client Success Stories


Building the Capacity of SMEs in Export Business

The client supported Nigeria to increase the strength of naira and exchange goods from Nigeria to other parts of the world. Cedro Royal was engaged to conduct training and refresher program on mentorship program on Export requirements, Standards & Compliance for 100 Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in export business in Nigeria

Due Diligence

The clients wanted to identify the limitations and opportunities of their proposed investment in a merger and acquisition of rice farms and integrated rice mills in Nigeria before making an informed decision. Technical Due Diligence (TDD) was conducted for each of them and the reports helped each of the clients to make the best decisions that guaranteed them success.

Policy advocacy, advice and recommendations to government

Organization of advocacy visits, policy dialogue workshops, and publication of policy briefs after research and their submission to decision-makers the change that stakeholders desired.

Validation of Policy Document with Stakeholder

The client wanted to carry out the validation of the Agricultural Investment Plan (AIP) Document for her State. The task validated the reviewed AIP document with stakeholders and aligned it with the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP)

International Development Cooperation: UK & Nigeria

Graduate Trainee Programme (GTP) for Nigeria on Quality Infrastructures (QI) with support from the UK Government. The GTP Export and Quality Infrastructure intervention provided technical assistance to the Nigerian agencies through training technical staff. The Training involves 15 carefully selected graduates and 10 staff of regulatory agencies. The trained graduates became practitioners of quality infrastructure and experts in different areas of the field of quality infrastructure in Nigeria.

Strategy & execution

The client wanted to carry out project planning and development of the West Africa Rice Corridors: Nigeria and Ghana Chapters. The project is now promoting self-sufficiency in rice and other staple foods in Nigeria and Ghana.

Research & Survey

Framework Documentation on the Supply Strategy of the Regional Food Security Reserve for Regional Producers and their Organizations. The research was conducted to identify and evaluate the views of producer groups, the degree of their participation in institutional marketing of their produce, the challenges they face, and the sustainable solution that promotes regional food security reserve.

Access to finance facilitation –World Bank support to farmers

The client desired to support smallholder farmers with financial and input supports. 10 rice and cassava clusters were supported and benefitted from the World Bank additional financing II. Linkage with the source of quality inputs and the provision of Farmer Business School (FBS) for better yield, higher income, and business management were offered.

Digital Innovations – Smart Agriculture

The client desired to reach farmers with digital innovation – AKILIMO that makes Cassava farming to be smart. Awareness creation, farmer group mobilizations, and training were used to promote the scaling up of the use of Akilimo digital extension advisory tool developed by the International Institutes of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to increase yield and business efficiency in the Cassava value chain in Nigeria.

Agricultural Value Chain Development

Technical support for MSMEs, cooperatives/BMOs, market actors, and other institutional actors in Rice, Cassava, and Poultry Processing value chains for income and employment creation. Technical advice and capacity building to target actors, mentoring to groups, handholding sessions, and other training sessions were carried out.
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